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Budijono, Stephanie J., Jingning Shan, Nan Yao, Yutaka Miura, Thomas Hoye, Robert H. Austin, Yiguang Ju, and Robert K. Prud'homme. "Synthesis of Stable Block-Copolymer-Protected NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+ Up-Converting Phosphor Nanoparticles." CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS 22 (2010): 311-318. Abstract  Download: Synthesis_of_Stable_Block-Copolymer-Protected_NaYF4.pdf (1.7 MB)
Lambert, Guillaume, David Liao, and Robert H. Austin. Collective Escape of Chemotactic Swimmers through Microscopic Ratchets In Phys. Rev. Lett.. Vol. 104. American Physical Society, 2010. Download: Collective_Escape_of_Chemotactic_Swimmers_through_Microscopic_Ratchets.pdf (514.96 KB)
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